Alternative Barricades for Safety at Road Construction Sites

During the construction process, traffic patterns will be disrupted. This is due to a combination of temporary routes and detours. Traffic safety products are required to meet the requirements identified in Traffic Control Plans.

To help identify the different zones of a road construction site, barricades are used. There are many different barricades products. Below we cover popular alternative barricades used at a road construction site to manage detours and modified traffic patterns.

Water Fillable Barricades

water filled barricadeThe best uses for Water Fillable Barricades are temporary work zones, Road Detours, Sporting Events, Construction Projects, Demolition Areas, Theme Parks, Airports, Parking Garages.

These water fillable barricades are light weight and can conform to any road way design. No heavy machinery is needed to install. But, they can be picked up by a forklift.

Breakaway Barricades Type III

breakaway barricade Type IIIThe Breakaway Barricades Type III are NCHRP 350 compliant. There are two pieces that are comprised of a top U channel that snaps into the second piece, which is the bottom base.

They never rust or splinter. Ballasting is with water (warmer climates), sand or sandbags. So they are quick and easy to set-up or take down.

Classic Folding barricade

classic folding barricadeThen there is the Classic Folding Barricade that are the standard for high quality traffic barricades. Since these are plastic, they are a safer alternative and have a lower liability than metal or wooden barricades. They come with provisions for mounting light.

A-Frame Barricade (leg)

A Frame BarricadePlastic A-frame barricades take the place of their wooden counterparts reducing liability and operational expense. A-frame legs accept 2″ x 8″ planks and have holes built-in for mounting warning lights.

Planks come in 8′ lengths as well as reflective sheeting options. Customize your barricades for identification and added theft deterrent. Conforms to M.U.T.C.D.
Note: You need 2 legs and 1 plank to make a set.

Traffic Safety Direct

At Traffic Safety Direct, we provide traffic safety products to keep the road construction sites safe for the workers and citizens. Contact us at Traffic Safety Direct and let us know how we may be able to assist you.

Inland Ports and the Road Construction They Create

Road construction is occurring across the United States. You may be thinking the only reason is to support increased traffic from a growing population. However, you may be surprised that large road construction projects are also created to support commercial traffic for hauling goods to and from Inland Ports. You may be in one of the many States with a developing Inland Port.

What is an Inland Port? 

Traffic safety with road constructionAn Inland Port is a dry port away from the coastal port, but near railways, airports, and road transportation hubs.

An Inland Port performs many of the same functions as a coastal port processing trade and distribution of goods. They are large regional centers serving domestic and international markets with access to large labor forces.

An Inland Port supports coastal ports and enhances our nation’s supply chains. To name just a couple of advantages provided by an Inland Port:

  • Expedited handing and distribution of goods because of easy access to multi-modal transportation, which may not be available at the coastal port.
  • Reduced congestion on over-extended coastal ports that are operating at their maximum performance levels.

As stated in 10 Inland Ports to Watch

Located outside crowded port areas, where land is scarce or not available at all, inland ports’ advantages are well documented because of their positive impact on regional industrial development and because they create space for more buildings in proximity to intermodal sites, thus relieving pressure in port areas and on roadways.

Multi Modal Transportation

As an example, Texas has a developing Inland Port just a few minutes drive south of Dallas and 5, and more, hours north of the Gulf of Mexico and the Mexican border. This area is uniquely positioned as a multi-modal distribution hub:

  • Union Pacific Southern Dallas Intermodal Facility
  • BNSF Railway (Planned Intermodal Facility)
  • Four Major Highway Connectors (I20, I45, I35, Loop 9)
  • Lancaster Airport

Construction is Needed

Road construction is occurring throughout the State of Texas. Some of the construction would be occurring just because of increased population. However, the increased distribution of goods is also creating the need for advanced road design to accommodate increased truck traffic from the gulf of Mexico up to the Inland Port just south of Dallas. To drive from Dallas to the Port of Houston, for instance, is around four hours. The State is large and its economic growth does not look like it is going to pause anytime soon.

The story of economic growth generating increased distribution of goods is happening throughout the United States. The result is an increase in road construction projects, both in progress and in their planning stages. As we have stated in previous posts, Traffic safety is paramount around these construction sites for the drivers, passengers, pedestrians and construction workers.

So, road construction projects you are observing may not be solely due to population growth. With Inland Ports being developed in more than a dozen different locations across the United States. road construction projects will continue to increase.


Hard Hats are Critical to Worker Safety

It seems we cannot take a drive down a highway or pass through a major city without seeing active construction projects. Seeing the final improvements when these projects are completed will be great. But what is even more important is that no one gets hurt. That is where protective construction worker gear comes in.

One of the most important is the hard hat.

As stated in History of Hard Hats

Before there was serious hard hats, standards and regulations, workers used to smear their hats with tar and let them to dry in the sun. That was a custom of dock workers whose job was always bringing them in to possibility to be hit in the head from objects that would fall from the decks of the ships or from the objects that the seagulls would drop because they have characteristic to pick about anything that look edible and then to drop it from the air when they find out that it is not.

hard hat traffic safety directToday, ANSI specifies different classifications to meet issues beyond impact, such as penetration protection and protection against different levels of voltage charges.

Traffic Safety Direct offers hard hats that meet the following specifications:

  • Smooth dome design with low profile desired by most industry professionals
  • 6 point ratchet suspension
  • Designed to withstand temperature variances, humidity, and exposure to UV light for long-lasting wear
  • Meets ANSI Z89.1 Type 1, Class C, G and E

As we discussed in our previous post Traffic Safety Products to Help Keep the Construction Site Safe

Planning is critical for maintaining safety for the public and the workers before, during and after road construction. Traffic Control Plans and Internal Traffic Control Plans will be necessary, and often required. This planning process will highlight the need for traffic safety products.

At Traffic Safety Direct, we provide the equipment necessary to keep construction workers and public citizens safe during construction projects, which are occurring throughout the United States.

Contact us at Traffic Safety Direct to assist you with equipping your people on the construction site.

Traffic Safety Products to Help Keep the Construction Site Safe

Planning is critical for maintaining safety for the public and the workers before, during and after road construction. Traffic Control Plans and Internal Traffic Control Plans will be necessary, and often required. This planning process will highlight the need for traffic safety products.

Before Road Work Begins

Governmental entities will require a traffic control plan before construction begins. The purpose of the traffic control plan is to clearly describe traffic patterns and placement of devices through the different phases of the construction. Safety of the vehicles, walking pedestrians, cyclists and construction workers are of primary concern.

Additionally, a construction site may develop an Internal Traffic Control Plan. This plan is to define safe traffic patterns within the construction site, separate from the public traffic defined by the Traffic Control Plan to support that plan.

Below we cover some of the traffic safety products useful for both within the construction site and out on the public side of the site.

High Visibility Apparel

To reduce risk, the construction workers should wear proper safety apparel. Without proper apparel, they are at a tremendous risk of not being seen by a driver. Construction workers can easily blend in to the background. The proper safety vests will increase the well being of the construction workers.

school-crossing-guard-safety-vest-class-2The safety vests that are the best choice are called High-Visibility Safety Apparel. The vests should meet the standard safety apparel requirements of ISEA “American National Standard for High-Visibility Apparel”. The apparel should be properly labeled as meeting the ANSI 107-1999 standard performance for Class 2.

Pedestrian crossing signs

Pedestrians and motorists are better protected with in-street pedestrian crossing signs. The pedestrian can readily see the restricted safe access within the traffic pattern. And, the motorist is made aware of the marked pedestrian crossing.

Pedestrian crosswalk signsThe pedestrian crossing sign has different design alternatives. Available options are portable and fixed base. During the construction phase, the portable base provides convenient transportability. Whereas, the fixed base would be easy to install on the street and is used in more permanent situations.

Coroplast signs

When considering temporary signage within the construction site, an excellent material to use is Coroplast. This material enables a lightweight sign that is durable and weather resistant at an affordable price, even in low quantities. These signs can be made custom to meet the specific requirements of the situation.

Coroplast® is a registered trademark of Coroplast, LLC. The term coroplast has become a generic term for all corrugated plastic because of its popularity. It has the appearance of plastic cardboard. This is the key to its light weight and resistance to different weather conditions.


Stripe PaintThe new or repaired road will need to be safely marked. A long-lasting traffic marking paint specifically formulated for line striping over freshly coated asphalt is STRIPE® EXTRA TRAFFIC MARKER. Traffic ready in 60 minutes and VOC compliant.

Compliance to standards for Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) is important for environmental reasons and compliance with certain government regulations. The purpose is to reduce ozone harming emissions. Emissions can be reduced by  switching to low VOC content coatings.

Traffic Safety Direct

At Traffic Safety Direct, we provide traffic safety products. Contact us at Traffic safety Direct and let us know how we may be able to assist you.